July 25, 2024

Bucolic Kailash, an agritech startup, brings “Computerized Farms” from the future!

Manipal (Karnataka) [India], July 6: At the futuristic and smart agritech start-up “Bucolic Kailash”, a mission is becoming more real every day; the vision that soon very shortly, starting and running farms profitably, will be as easy as downloading an app.

Bucolic Kailash researches, manufactures, and markets user-friendly life-growing computers. These computers are meant to enable economic and nutritional autonomy for their users. For example, one of the patented life-growing computers at Bucolic testing labs grows as much as Rs. 25 lakh worth of healthy produce annually in just 100 sq ft space with operational expenses of under Rs. 50,000/month for the user. Systems like these can be started with as low as 3 sq ft of space and scaled up with time.

Bucolic Kailash’s Vertical Garden and Vertical Farm System series are made to deliver super intensive and sustainable cultivation that is 100% organic, without soil, and achieves more than 90% of water and energy saving. The smart agritech company has developed and acquired multiple patents on products and technologies that have shown promising results in the scope of personal, organized, and organic aquaponics farms. Their hydroponics computers grow up to 84 plants, vegetables, and salads in 1 sq ft. Their mushroom farming computers grow 50 Kgs of mushrooms in 3 sq ft every 45 days. Their fish-farming computer designs yield up to 800 Kgs of shrimps in just 10 sq mt every 150 days. All of this is achieved with IT, IoT, and their custom-developed life-growing AI. The Systems are engineered by closely working with its early customers and focusing on ease of use, AI & IoT powered automation, and distribution. Engineering, manufacturing and IT has been the most guiding product shaper for the company’s early success.

Bucolic Kailash has unlocked a huge market for vertical farming, fish farming, and hydroponic personal gardens. Their use of technological intervention empowers people to cultivate and harvest every day and in the comfort of their own homes through the most efficient and effective ways. The company’s new offering under the Vertical Garden system series ‘Tree of Wisdom – Eleganté’ is by far the most groundbreaking vertical hydroponics system the world has ever seen before. The product complies with ISO 9001:2015 for best in grade Quality Management and has been tested to meet the required hydroponics system parameter controls, as well as the state-of-art features. Tree of Wisdom – Eleganté has been doing well since its launch on 11th May 2021 at amazon.in.

The Company was founded by Mr. Utkarsh Sinha in March 2020 and now the company is a community of 18 carefully selected and nurtured members. During our interview with the founder, we found him very engaged and excited about the road ahead. Utkarsh graduated in MCIT-Computing from The University of Melbourne and B. Tech from MIT, Manipal. According to him, having worked with Godrej’s R&D, Honeywell Aero HTS, Fagerhult OR Tech teams in India and Australia, helped him manage the company’s departments, processes, and make shipments possible from concept-to-product, even during the pandemic. The company runs its fully functional aquaponic devices manufacturing facility in Manipal on lean manufacturing and quality control principles.

On further talking with the founder, we found that the company’s mission with its life-growing computers is to ultimately enable community empowerment and economic development. The company believes that such life-changing science and technology should be available as user-friendly products. In the founder’s words, “It was a contrasting journey that I took back home to India in 2019 while having employment opportunities from companies in Australia that made me reflect upon my priorities and self-actualization needs. I wish to make communities exchange value through healthy food and money that can make coexistence wholesome.”

We believe that Bucolic Kailash is a futuristic company that understands the needs of today’s communities and a fast-changing world. They develop and market environmentally friendly agritech computers. The company has raised partial seed-funding after a year of setting up its manufacturing factory and distribution channels and they plan to expand their life-growing computers reach to a wider niche and tap the global market in the next 6 months.

Visit www.bucolic.ltd for more inspiration and information

Also, please sign up at https://www.facebook.com/groups/bucoponics to unlock a whole new world of Hydroponics, Aquaculture, and Fungi Culture driven farming and gardening automation.

Media Contact:

Utkarsh Sinha

Email: utkarsh@bucolic.ltd

Founder and Director

Bucolic Kailash Agritech & FMCG Pvt Ltd

Mayank Vineet

Email: mayank@bucolic.ltd

Head of Marketing and Engagement

Bucolic Kailash Agritech & FMCG Pvt Ltd

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