July 25, 2024

Ciao HR App Lets People and Businesses Find and Create Opportunities through Social Networking

August 27: Ciao HR, a US-based online app, will empower post-Covid era businesses to glory with the best manpower solutions. At the same time, the organization empowers freshers, homemakers, students, interns, job seekers, work-from-home people, and retired citizens to transform to WFH and earn from Home as a global digital HR Consultant. The other popular mobile technology-based employment made available in India is by logistics aggregators that may be classified as a blue-collar job, unlike the white-collar experience offered by Ciao HR.

Ciao HR app will bring massive benefits for all its app users. The soon-to-be-launched app will enrich all the app users with numerous gratifying open work orders. Job seekers and job promoters can contact this upcoming app to begin satisfactory earnings right away.

The constructive networking platform aims to find relatively well-paying jobs and aggressively promote them through their upcoming and open to all Ciao HR app. The free yet highly rewarding social networking platform captivates part-time job seekers to engage for additional revenue and become a revolutionary platform that aims to transform the work culture and lifestyle of all job seekers and business firms. The fascinating platform will aid people to learn, earn, and recruit at the same time. Moreover, it will accommodate job seekers, let users gain incentives for referring and recommending job seekers, and network.

The main objective of this outstanding job seeking and job promoting platform is to help people become financially stable. The app aims to bring a ray of hope in the lives of all the people who want to work but cannot find work. The platform will also provide top-notch human resource solutions to its business clients.

Ciao HR networking platform consistently follows three unique customer approaches. Firstly, it will help job seekers to apply for jobs and await the opportunity to unfold. Secondly, it will help people stay engaged till they get the job either with Ciao HR’s help or other direct sources. Such as letting the company or individual sign up as an agent or as a channel partner.

While recruiters can sign up as agents, becoming a channel partner will promote business development. A user can connect people, identify deals, and post them as a channel partner in the app. Thirdly, the app will enable customers with an on-demand learning facility. It will provide part to part learning benefits through distinct packages such as training, E-book, and various other facilitations.

A decentralized system of working is convenient for an HR consultant, especially when work orders are open. Understanding the intensity of this statement, Ciao HR’s learning and training division also provides an on-demand crash course. To help aspirers become a determined Ciao HR consultant in 10 hours. With the help of a well-versed virtual instructor. The trainer will equip Ciao HR aspirers with instructor-led app training.

A self-explanatory e-book and Instagram social media quick learning are available to gain this sector’s complete skill set and etiquette. For the fascinated app users, supported by these skill check facilities, team Ciao HR intends to create an equal employment system to WFH.

With the ease of lockdown and global recruitments restarting, Ciao HR consultants are waiting to explore new operations for their international clients in the near future.

In the first 60 days of the app launch, the benefits of the Ciao HR app will only be available to a maximum of 500 selected members. These Ciao HR app users can then use the phenomenal app to fulfil the needs of the currently available workers. To finally experience their first time as an HR consultant on a laptop or Smartphone.

After the 60-day selected members trial phase is over, users will be able to sign up and access the benefits of the Ciao HR app for free through Google Play Store.

The official project has been incorporated by SJ & T Inc., New Jersey, USA. V.C.U. Business Solutions Private Limited is the official project management partner of Ciao HR in India. As the official project management partner, they take care of the entire project growth and expansion. They have 10,000 square feet of co-working space in South India, with more upcoming facilities all over Dubai, Doha, the US, and India.

For more details visit – www.ciaohr.app

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