July 21, 2024

“Doubtsapp”- One of India’s Leading 24×7 Doubts Solving App Launched recently

December 15: It’s great news for parents whose children feel troubled in case of any doubt while learning their lessons or during preparations for exams. Recently 2cos72 Innotech Pvt Ltd launched their online educational app called “Doubtsapp”. Available on Playstore and App Store, this app claims to make the child confidently ask any doubt in any subject, anytime and anywhere, and get the solution even through individual chats and video calls with expert teachers and faculty.

Mr. Amit Kumar, founder and CEO of the app, addresses the media saying, “Studies have shown that 5 out of 6 students never ask doubts because they feel shy or scared while sitting in a class. To assist and help solve the student’s doubts, several online educational apps came into the limelight, especially during the pandemic era. But most of them either offer instant explanatory pre-recorded video solutions or questions during live classes; the core problem of not asking doubts still persists. To focus on this troubling aspect for a child, our team of expert educationists created a new app called Doubtsapp.”

Need an Innovative App like DoubtsApp? Why?

The entire process of learning fails if there is no clarity or any scope of doubt in the core concepts of the subject. While reading theories and online coaching is a part of the academic procedure, the crucial aspect still lies in clearing student’s doubts for ultimate conceptual clarity. The need to get every question answered in case of doubts is very important. This is because if any learning doubts go unresolved, the student has to suffer in terms of scoring fewer marks. With DoubtsApp, the educationalists are trying to solve the issue of Doubt-phobia, a chronic issue found in 90% of students, especially in a country like ours where the education system lacks par excellence.

The Unique Features that Make Doubtsapp Stand Out from Its Competitors Are:

  • Ergonomically designed in collaboration with board moderators and expert teachers
  • All-subject textbooks. Guides, notes in a crisp, clean, searchable PDF format on your phone
  • Option to save important doubts in your bookmarks, for quick and easy reference later
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to make the doubt asking process simpler
  • Small batches of a community-curated list of doubts common to most of the students that are frequently asked doubts
  • Stepwise doubt clearing process. From notes to explanatory videos to one-to-one live video chat with experts
  • AI-based smart search and psychometric tests to understand the child’s weak areas
  • Additional features such as board exam predictor questionnaires, chapter-wise innovative MCQ-format tests that are Pop-quiz, Test paper generator, Psychometric Test, Home-work module and many more.

The vision of the Founders:

The brains behind the innovative app are Mr.Amit Kumar, as Founder & CEO; Mr.Harsh Jain, as a Co-founder & CFO and Mr.RahulBadkul as co-founder & COO. Each of them is a skilled professional and carries tons of experience in their respective fields.

The team is on a mission to make quality education reach every nook and corner of the country most cost-effectively. Every student should get mentoring from the best teachers irrespective of location.

Presently the app caters to students of class 6th  to 12th. Nevertheless, the owners have the vision to make the helpful app for every age group- starting from kindergarten to plus two. They want it to extend further to aspirants of multiple competitive exams like IIT, banking, MBA, etc.

Although the app cost is calculated to be about five thousand rupees, the management has kept the initial subscription at a marginal cost of INR 1999 with a free 3-day trial period offer, making it pocket friendly for every income group.

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