July 25, 2024

Avaiz Ahmad works for the betterment of Health & Education system through his organization

March 8: A country’s future depends majorly on its education system. A good health and education system attributes to the development of a country. It has been seen that the education system is being massively influenced by a country’s culture.

A great personality named Avaiz Ahmad, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is the chairman & trustee of The Human Diary Foundation, also the founder and president of the Lion Group of India, which is a Yuva Ekta Mission, dedicated to the nation. A charitable and youth organization. Through his organization, he focuses and works in the field of healthcare, education, and employment.

The main concern of his organization is to bring improvement in the healthcare and education system so that every person is feasible to access health and education facilities. Till date, they have run various campaigns with respect to health facilities of which they have made huge contributions by fulfilling the basic requirements of people from the initial days of Covid pandemic. Every year they distribute 1000 wheelchairs free of cost to specially-abled in healthcare centers and hospitals in rural India.

Avaiz Ahmad is a young supporter of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s vision and firmly believes in ‘Humanity is the only Religion’. He envisions an India that embraces and encourages equivalency, diversity, concinnity, sustainable development, and a toxic drug-free India.

Social workers such as Avaiz Ahmad are the unsung heroes of many communities and the support they provide to people is invaluable. We hope you have been acknowledged about his contributions, have been immensely great in these particular fields.

Website: https://avaizahmad.com/

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