July 15, 2024

Dr. Chinu Agrawal, Director of Feeling Minds hosted a certification ceremony for a one-of-a-kind Relationship Consultant workshop

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New Delhi (India), March 24: Feeling Minds, a leading organization committed to psychological counseling and psychology-based training, recently held a Relationship Consultant program Certification Ceremony at Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi for the workshop attendees. The certification ceremony was based on a 6-month Relationship Consultant workshop course that included several role-plays, supervised peer counseling sessions, and an assessment of movies and books from a relationship perspective which was attended by counselors from all over the country.

Dr. Chinu Agrawal, Ph.D., a leading Psychologist, Psychotherapist, and the Director of Feeling Minds stressed why she planned the workshop “There was often chatter among the counselors about the dearth of thorough relationship therapy training in India and that I should design one. However, designing a course for an Indian audience was difficult because I had received all of my training and courses from abroad, where the culture and challenges are vastly different. To finish the assessment, it took me and my team roughly four years to conduct research on the Indian population and frame an Indian adaption of the many instruments. The training provided participants with a scientific, evidence-based approach, enabling them to assist couples and families in nurturing and maintaining their relationships.”

She further added “The workshop explored love theories, laying a solid intellectual framework. Various strategies were used in the couple’s treatment to help the clients understand their own emotional needs and how unmet needs can lead to anxiety or withdrawal. Another key component was family therapy, because families, particularly in a country like India, play a crucial role as a support system.”

Participants who excelled in the workshop and completed it with flying colors were presented with a certificate at the ceremony:  Ambika Warrier: Delhi, Dr Tripti Sakhuja: Delhi, Dr Bindu Kapoor: Delhi, Dr Richa Singh: Delhi, Sai Sudha: Delhi, Aruna: Guwahati, Nandita Sarma: Dibrugarh, Aakriti Sethi: Ludhiana, Nimisha Saboo: Amravati, Suruchi Khare: Yavatmal, PratikshaTripathi: Mumbai, Megha Jain: Gurgaon, Tyan Jain: Gurgaon, Needhi Agrawal: Amravati, Ashish Agrawal: Amravati and Ravindra Jindal: Agra.

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