July 21, 2024

Business Mint awarded Lassi and Shakes as Best Emerging Franchisor of the Year – 2022, QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) Category

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According to Mr. Mohammed Abdul Gani (CEO of Lassi n shakes), Lassi n shakes is planning to open 700 outlets by end of 2025

New Delhi (India), April 21: By 2025, the Indian Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry is expected to be worth $827.63 billion. This category has grown in popularity over time as a result of millennials’ eating habits, changing lifestyles, increased disposable money, and other factors. And the Founders of the Hyderabad brand Lassi n Shakes have first-hand experience with this surge in demand for QSR business. Lassi n Shakes is all about providing the highest quality, most appropriate quantity, and at an affordable price. All of your culinary desires may be satisfied in one place. Waffles, Burgers, Pizzas, rolls/ wraps, Sandwiches, Broasted Fried Chicken, as well as Mocktails, Smoothies, Juices, Kulfis, Tea & Coffees, Milkshakes/ Thick shakes, and traditional beverages like Lassi and Falooda are available. It can be operated as a Commercial Quick Service Café, a real dine-in Café, or even a cloud kitchen. We ensure quality by using our unique and simplified formulas, which allow us to make drinks and snacks fast and consistently.

It is a business that arose as a result of people’s requests. We quit our international positions to pursue our passion for building a platform for your entrepreneurs to thrive and achieve their objectives. We began our adventure with the QSR group, namely with Lassi, in December 2017 and have already opened 50 locations in Hyderabad alone in less than a year. We aim to place franchisees in the spotlight with this objective, says Mr. Mohammed Abdul Gani (CEO of Lassi n shakes).

Lassi n Shakes’ goal is to provide high-quality meals at reasonable pricing. At every Lassi n Shakes location, a family of four may satisfy their hunger for less than Rs.500. Lassi n Shakes’ menu is divided into 18 categories, with over 120 food and beverage products. The average ticket costs Rs.80, with a 60-70 percent gross profit margin. Their secret is affordable pricing, which ensures steady business throughout the year.

Since its inception in May 2019, the brand has grown to include 140+ locations throughout ten states. Lassi n Shakes franchises require a minimum investment of Rs. 4,5 lakhs for the Express model, which offers both cold and hot beverages, and Rs. 7,5 lakhs for the Café model, which includes both food and beverages. The cafe model has an Assured Earnings or Money Return Policy (AE- MRP). The brand includes free training, billing software, marketing, entire equipment, as well as shop branding and design in this amount.

Lassi n Shakes, according to Mr. Mohammed Abdul Gani, would continue to provide “hot and fresh meals on time” to its consumers. “We also want to focus on product innovation since this is a very competitive sector,” he adds, adding that “every six months; we offer a new product and remove something from our menu that isn’t performing well.” The new item may be an invention we’ve made in our kitchen, or it could be inspired by a current trend in the market.

Both franchisees and end consumers benefit from Lassi n Shakes’ superior flavor and service. As a result, Lassi n Shakes aims to provide new entrepreneurs with opportunities such as start-up assistance, service, training, quality maintenance, and reasonable profits. Also, Lassi and Shakes have been awarded by Business Mint as Best Emerging Franchisor of the Year – 2022, QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) Category.

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