September 24, 2023

Super Talented International Kids Virtual Awards to be held on May 28 to acknowledge young talent

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April 29: The ‘Super Talented International Kids Virtual Awards’, presented by Ayesha Shaik Edtech Services and co-powered by Nirgia Brand Promoters and Indian Woman Awards, will be held on 28th May 2022. The award show strives to provide a platform for vividly talented children from all backgrounds to showcase their natural uniqueness and achieve worldwide recognition. Children from less-privileged backgrounds lack the resources to practice and exhibit their distinctive qualities, and many kids are discouraged from following their innate skills. Therefore, this is an attempt to acknowledge the attributes of the young generation, as it will boost their morale and help raise responsible and confident citizens.

Ayesha Shaik, the founder-director of Ayesha Shaik Edtech Services and a multi award winning Educator, has taught children from more than 100 countries during the pandemic. Her unique style of teaching, in which she combines entertainment and academics by dressing up as different characters and using hand puppets, has appealed to students and parents alike. The mother-of-two aims to make education free for the underprivileged and train teachers to provide outstanding quality education.

The founder of ‘Aspiring Entrepreneurzz’ and ‘We Happy Homemakers’ has numerous prestigious awards to her credit, including the Indian Women Dubai Award 2021 for making the most impact in the field of Education, the Women’s Got Talent 2021 International (Education Category), and the Above and Beyond Awards 2019 and 2020. She has also received numerous certificates for training teachers, hosting events, sharing motivational speeches, providing educational social services, conducting free workshops, providing free service to parents and children residing in different countries, one-on-one support to parents in need, and much more.

The Super Talented International Kids Virtual Awards is one of the educator’s numerous efforts to encourage and uplift children and support their aspirations. The show will showcase and promote talent from all categories and is the ideal platform for parents to motivate their kids to appreciate their natural gifts. To provide equal opportunities to all, the show has NO REGISTRATION FEE.

Nominations for the awards end on 24th May 2022. Click on the link below to access the nomination form –

Nomination form link:

Elaborating on her belief that ‘we rise by lifting others’, Ayesha says, “Being a teacher, I’ve always strived hard to make learning more fun, engaging, and productive for my students. My unique teaching style has only one purpose – to promote a love of learning amongst my students, so education becomes a part of their fun instead of a chore that they must do.” “With this award show I am hoping to bring in spotlight some of the very bright young minds across the globe. I am confident that such initiatives are what the world needs to get ahead in the line for building a more developed and secure nation.”

The participation process is easy – Fill in the form and mention all details. If the child’s profile gets selected for the Final Round, a confirmation mail from the team will be sent.

The winners will join the VIRTUAL Awards Show on 28th May 2022. They will be awarded Digital Certificates, Digital Coupons and Free Sessions from the show sponsors and will be able to participate in the show’s Lucky Draws. Winners will also get featured in 40+ news portals, and their promotional posters will get shared on Instagram and Facebook.

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