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Realistic art is a depiction of nature meet, The artist: His Holiness Dr. Ravidarshanji of Gondal

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New Delhi, December 16: Reality is one part of art; expressed feelings bring life to it. Before any site and any object, abandon yourself to your first impression. If you have been touched, you will convey to others the sincerity of your emotion, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot. Today, we’ll talk about a connoisseur of art who valued realism and used his experiences and observation method to create his artworks. Let’s first dive into his family history and Gondal, a well-known destination; He enjoys a rich, colourful family background recognized in India and abroad.

This Saurashtrian artist is one of those who create artwork with a realistic sense of style. His creation is admired by those who visit his art gallery. The depth of his artwork correlates with his name and the meaning, particularly in Hinduism. Gondal, a renowned town with stunning architecture and history was originally a princely state in the Saurashtra region of western Gujarat. Having his ancestors whose fortunes have been connected to royal families for approximately 300 years. His Holiness Rajavaidya Acharya Charantirthji Maharaj founded Heritage Pharmacy around 1904 and Shri Bhuvaneshwari Pith Temple Institute in 1946. Appointed as the Royal Physician of the state, he pioneered ayurvedic medicine manufacturing around 1904. Gandhiji was conferred the title of “Mahatma” by him in 1915, which is an essential landmark in our history. Gandhi’s memorial and plaque are still there on the grounds of the Bhuvaneshwari estate. Even now, Sri Bhuvaneshwari Pith engages in various religious and philanthropic endeavours. This pharmacy manufactures traditional Ayurvedic medicines following the classical formulas practised since old times. Visitors can view the manufacturing procedure and the private museum displayed on the premises.

Numerous diseases have been studied using his ancient manuscript through the private library’s collection of almost 7000 unique manuscripts later donated to the ayurvedic University of Jamnagar. Future physicians (physicians) must be familiar with advanced technologies, their uses and their applications. A recent example is during covid times when our native science proved its importance and thus was accepted by the entire world. Pharmacy has been continuously helping people by helping them to impart practical knowledge of pharmaceutical preparations in modern science in the form of powders, pills and tablets, Bahamas, liquids etc.

Talking about his father, Dr Ravindarshanji said, “My father, Gopal Ratna His Holiness Acharyashri Ghanshyamji Maharaj, has carried forward this ayurvedic legacy and also promoted scientific Gir cattle and Kathiawadi horse breeding marking Gondal on the international map.

The primary factor that drew you to the field of art: when asked Dr Ravidarshanji, he pointed out that I have loved art his entire life, whether it was of lavish home design or palaces, maybe fashion or jewellery, tourism or scenery breathtaking. “I adored art and attempted to preserve it in my memories”. Whether it was music or an artefact in a museum, my parents and I used to travel to stunning locations, and this served as a constant source of artistic inspiration for me. I used to research jewellery, our varied fashion and stylizing and the choreography of old movies. All of this drew me into the realm of art, which I am gradually incorporating through realist art.

He also admitted his gallery and his career in painting. He also discussed how he grabbed real perceptions on accurate observation on his journey. He said I don’t create a lot of work for sale. On paintings, I write legendary tales. By doing this, I give my paintings a sense of narrative atmosphere. My gallery is named “Journey of life on painting.” As I indicated, the theme of my artwork is a journey. Like the Flager’s House Museum of Palm Beach when I visited Florida, USA. I was inspired by the garden and depicted it in the Lord Shiva artwork. Similarly to this, I created two paintings when I was in Sri Lanka. My Sri Lankan trip inspired me to compose paintings of Ravana and Mandodari, Sitamata in Ashokan.

I decided to work in medicine to carry forward my legacy. However, I am still doing my art now as a passion. I’ve never taken any technical lessons or classes for painting. If there is anything more important to my artistic process, it would be my travels and perceptions, not the technical stuff. In 2015, I decided to emphasize developing my skills more.

My ultimate life objective is to become the person I want to be. I established my own art gallery and a private museum in Gondal with this in mind. All of my paintings are on display in this gallery. I have always had a stronger preference for the arts. I love to go to the most incredible locations in the world and see some of the most excellent museums, immense historical structures, and exhibits of exotic arts. The end outcome of original art production is that which transforms reality into art. The opulent royal palaces of the Indian Raj and the quaint streets of colonial or native India influence my interest in architecture and interior design.



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