July 15, 2024

SurveyCXM: Helping Brands Crystalize Voice of Customer

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New Delhi (India), February 23: Digitalization and the growing indulgence of AI and Tech in almost every routine activity have made it both- easy and necessary for businesses to invest in deeply understanding customer journeys & aim for a flawless experience. It has led to an increase in firms opting for professional consultancies to guide them through this process and make it easier. QDegrees is one such Consulting firm. The firm has been rigorously helping businesses to achieve their CX goals through its numerous tools & services. SurveyCXM, an efficient CX tool, is currently in use widely.

SurveyCXM- What & Why?

Starting back in 2013, as a team of Quality Professionals, QDegrees realized the need to hear back from customers & have an ‘outside in’ model. Till then, brands were only listening to customers when they came in touch, never approaching them on their own. They saw this as an opportunity to develop a tool that would ask customers more than they tell. It could help them provide a holistic overview of the customer journey to brands with deeper insights related to their perspective. This realization led to the development of SurveyCXM– a tool that asks various questions to capture the Voice of the Customers. It enables businesses to capture customer feedback with numerous CX measurement metrics which leads to the development of KPIs. SurveyCXM gives statistical modeling inclusive of rating, AI-powered customer sentiment analysis, free text, sales predictions, mode of payments, and many more. The tool provides detailed analysis of customers through various metrics such as NPS, CSAT, CES, CSS, Churn Rate, Conversion Rate, and Customer Lifetime Value.

It provides a plethora of features that make it beneficial for businesses. From social media integrations, and multiple languages support to a user-friendly dashboard, the tool has a lot to offer its users. Thanks to its highly interactive & engaging interface, brands can deep-dive into customers’ minds and get real-time insights. SurveyCXM’s most prominent features include:

Close looping: SurveyCXM has been conceptualized in a way that it offers an automatic control system regulated by feedback. Since the platform divides consumers into distinct groups, brands can execute close looping comfortably. Brands can adapt to detractors’ and passives’ feedback & use the information to create long-term CX plans and even convert unhappy consumers into promoters.

Action planning: With this tool, brands can create a full action plan. With actionable inputs, SurveyCXM provides 100% assistance in establishing the framework of overall processes. The tool allows you to investigate in depth by using clear filters based on demographics, location, gender, and more if you want to choose a particular course of action.

Through its user-friendly & easy to understand interface, it has become popular among businesses in no time. Brands have been able to achieve impeccable results & stay ahead of their competitors.


Who is it for & how has it helped?

It is a tool effectively designed to keep the needs of businesses of all sizes in mind. Whether you are a flourishing startup or a well-established firm looking to understand its customers better, SurveyCXM won’t disappoint you. Already trusted by 15+ companies across different industries like Banking (Fintech), NBFC, Securities Brokerage, Health Insurance, Industrial Gases, Manufacturing, Insurance, EdTech, Automobiles, IT Recruitment & many more. Listing below some mention-worthy outcomes through this tool:

  •        After interacting with the customers through the surveys in the tool, a payment app launched a new feature that will help users to perform transactions smoothly.
  •        Another leading firm improved its NPS by 55 points within a month by just working on 60% controllable factors, as suggested by the tool.
  •        One renowned firm worked on its promoters, increasing its lead generation by 2.5x & conversion by 27%.
  •        A fintech company was able to improve its end-user experience by implementing changes suggested in its interface.
  •        A toll plaza reduced its TAT by analyzing the issues faced by the customers. The survey was even customized to understand the situation better.

What lies ahead? Interactive & Interesting Features

QDegrees is a CX consulting agency bundled with tech, making it one of the finest agencies that stand with businesses through their entire customer journey. The team boasts of professionals with 10+ years of experience in tech & trends, hand-in-hand helping the brands from their pre-launch to market winning. The backend developers are also always at work, making steady improvements in the tool, enhancing its user-friendliness & improvising its interaction with them. In addition to churn analysis and predictive analysis, SurveyCXM is set to introduce some sensational & sensory features to make the interface more interactive. Various elaborative reactions & sounds are in line to be introduced. Features like happy, sad & frustrated emojis, sounds while toggling left to right, etc., will be added, making the platform more fun and interesting to use. So, no doubt that the platform is only to get bigger & better for businesses!

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