July 23, 2024

Unravelling the Art and Investment Value of Luxury Carpets: A Conversation with Mr. Amit Jain, Founder of Pequra

New Delhi (India), January 17: Pequra (www.pequra.com) is not just a famous carpet brand in India but also a trendsetter. We spoke to Mr. Amit Jain, MD of Pequra. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Could you please provide a brief overview of Pequra?

Pequra is a distinctive name in the world of luxury carpets and rugs. Our journey began with the vision of curating exquisite floor art. Pequra is built on the foundation of quality craftsmanship, artistry, and an enduring commitment to providing exceptional pieces that elevate interior aesthetics. We take immense pride in our Indian heritage while embracing international design sensibilities and sustainability.

Could you tell us more about your product range and what sets Pequra apart in the market?

Our product range at Pequra encompasses a spectrum of carpets and rugs, from traditional to contemporary styles. What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence. We bring together master artisans who weave intricate designs, use premium materials, and employ time-honored techniques to create bespoke pieces of art for your floors. Each Pequra product reflects craftsmanship, precision, and an embodiment of luxury.

Pequra is known for its premium designer range. Could you elaborate on your designer collections and the inspiration behind them?

Our designer range is the heart of Pequra. These exclusive pieces are inspired by diverse elements, from nature’s beauty to contemporary art and architecture. Our designer collections are an embodiment of opulence, created for those who seek uniqueness and the highest quality in their interiors.

You’ve mentioned Pequra’s commitment to sustainability. Could you elaborate on your eco-friendly initiatives and the importance of these practices in the carpet industry?

Sustainability is integral to Pequra’s future. We are actively researching and sourcing eco-friendly materials for our carpets, aiming to minimize our environmental footprint. Sustainable practices are crucial in the carpet industry because they not only reduce the impact on the environment but also meet the evolving preferences of conscious consumers.

Speaking of industry trends, how do you see the future of the carpet industry in India?

The future of the carpet industry in India is quite promising. With the revival of appreciation for handcrafted products and the fusion of traditional and modern designs, we foresee significant growth. The industry will continue to thrive as Indian craftsmanship gains recognition globally, and consumers increasingly seek unique and high-quality floor coverings.

Expensive carpets are often considered investments. Could you shed light on why elite individuals are drawn to such investments?

Elite individuals value premium carpets as investments for several reasons. Firstly, these carpets are often handcrafted and limited in quantity, making them exclusive and highly sought-after. Secondly, they appreciate in value over time, just like fine art or antiques. Moreover, elite individuals appreciate the exquisite beauty, artistry, and the unique stories behind these carpets, making them both a symbol of luxury and a sound financial investment.

What can we expect from Pequra in the near future? Are there any upcoming projects or expansion plans?

Pequra is continually evolving. We are excited about expanding our footprint, not just in India, but also globally. We have several upcoming projects focusing on sustainability and innovation. We aim to enhance our offerings with eco-friendly materials and advanced techniques. Moreover, we are planning to introduce new collections inspired by various cultures and design philosophies, promising a captivating blend of tradition and modernity.

Could you share some insights into the regions where Pequra is currently doing business and any potential future markets you are looking to explore?

Currently, we are proudly serving customers across India, including major metropolitan cities. Our products are also accessible internationally through our website. Looking ahead, we are eyeing expansion into new markets, especially in regions where luxury interiors are valued. We aim to establish a presence in key cities and have our unique collections available to a broader global audience.

Thank you, Mr. Amit Jain, for providing these valuable insights into Pequra. We look forward to seeing your brand continue to thrive and inspire luxury living. 

Thank you. We appreciate the opportunity to share our story, and we are dedicated to creating exceptional pieces that enhance the beauty of living spaces worldwide.

To know more about Pequra and its latest collection of designer rugs, please visit the company’s website or visit the store: – A- 112, Sector 80, Noida (U.P), India or call – 91-8750331122. Media Contact -Shweta Dhyani-91 7042821242 

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